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St. Henry District High School would like to congratulate the following students who earned scholarships based on their High School Placement Test score:

  • George Barsan (Immaculate Heart of Mary) and Madeline Brooks (St. Henry) earned 25% of tuition for 2018 – 2019 school year
  • Shealey Hannigan (Connor Middle School) and Camden Montgomery (Mary Queen of Heaven) earned $1,500
  • Lauren Kent (St. Mary’s Catholic School – Indiana) and Charlie Barsan (Immaculate Heart of Mary) received $1,250
  • Carrin Frey (Conner Middle School) and Noah Francis (St. Henry) both earned $1,000
  • Molly McCubbin (St. Henry) and Carly Cromer (St. Lawrence – Indiana) received $750
  • Grace Laudenslayer (Home School), Claire Hulett (St. Henry), Anna Dinius (Mary Queen of Heaven), and Olivia Oakes (St. Paul) each received $500