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“Blessed ever-loving God, we give You praise for the gift of St. Henry District High School.
Our Crusader family has long enjoyed Your many blessings, and for this we give You great thanks.
Looking to the Future, we now seek Your continued blessing on our Building on Excellence, Guided by Faith capital campaign.
Dear Lord, we ask You to guide us as we strive to make our school a model environment where Your love is the driving force of our Catholic education program.
We pray that Your Holy Spirit will inspire us now and for many years to come.
Throughout this campaign, Lord, we pray that we remain rooted in the mission and purpose of St. Henry District High School.
Keep us firm in this mission and forever mindful of the needs of our Crusader family.”

Great things are happening with our “Building on Excellence, Guided by Faith” capital campaign. We ask for your continued prayers for the campaign and all of those who are doing so much to ensure it’s success. We need all of the help we can get to ensure that we make it all the way to our final goal, are able to include all vital elements within the scope of this project, and continue on our desired path to break ground this spring!