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Campus Ministry is starting a new Weekly Reflection to help parents better connect with each week’s Gospel message. The Weekly Reflection will also include questions to encourage parents and teens to discuss the Gospel and apply it to everyday life.
Here is this week’s Campus Ministry Weekly Reflection:
Gospel: Mark 1:40-45

I think often that when we come across leprosy in the Bible it is hard for us to relate to that horrible disease. But just as leprosy disfigures that body, there is alot in our society today that can cause a disfigurement in our heart and our soul. The leper was kept apart from the community and was something to be feared. I think at times there are parts of the teenage culture that seem scary and parts that we even try to distance ourselves from.

However Christ reminds us that we can not turn away, give up hope, or stay isolated by the culture and lives that our children live. Just as the leper wanted to hear that Christ wanted to help him, so to do our students need to hear that we still value who they are and what they are interested in. Jesus took an interest in an outcast and changed his life forever, so this week take a moment, dive into that culture, and challenge your children to be made new.

Questions for Discussion:

1) Ask your child(ren) what they are interested in, learn about at least one music artist, show, hobby, etc that they enjoy and try and be a part of it with them.

2) Just as Jesus healed the leper ask your child(ren) if there is any healing that they need, or if they have any friends that are in need of healing. Offer advice to them and then pray with them for that healing.