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Campus Ministry is starting a new Weekly Reflection to help parents better connect with each week’s Gospel message. The Weekly Reflection will also include questions to encourage parents and teens to discuss the Gospel and apply it to everyday life.
Here is this week’s Campus Ministry Weekly Reflection:
Gospel: MK 1: 12-15

The season of Lent is upon us.  This Wednesday marks the start of the season of Lent with Ash Wednesday.  I think that now is a great time to stop and ask ourselves “what is Lent?”  I think all too often we associate Lent with a time of giving up some vice to try and help us do better.  While this is a good practice I think there is more to Lent.

When Jesus goes into the desert He is not simply giving up distractions in the world around Him.  Instead Jesus goes away so that He can actively seek out time with His Father.   This Lent I challenge you to use what you are “giving up” to actively seek out God.  Just as Christ’s witness of His suffering returned the greatest gift of love to us, so to can our gift of suffering be a witness and return a gift of love to ourselves and those around us.

Questions for Reflection with your Teen:

1) What are you going to try and abstain from this Lent?

2) What is one thing you can do more of to improve your relationship with God?

3) As a family how can you participate in Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving this Lent?