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Campus Ministry is starting a new Weekly Reflection to help parents better connect with each week’s Gospel message. The Weekly Reflection will also include questions to encourage parents and teens to discuss the Gospel and apply it to everyday life.
Here is this week’s Campus Ministry Weekly Reflection:

Gospel: Mk 9: 2-10

How often do we find ourselves thinking about the “good ol’ days” or we think to ourselves if only things could go back to the way they were? Struggles, hardships, bad days, the violence and hate that are prevalent in society today often have us longing for something better. It makes perfect sense for us to want to return to a “better time.”

I often wonder if this is what Peter, James, and John were thinking during the crucifixion, during the time in the Upper Room, and even during the struggles of their ministry. How often their minds must have wandered back to the Transfiguration and the thought of staying in the tents on that mountain.

Christ knew that Peter, James, and John would need a reminder of what they were sacrificing for and so the Transfiguration stood as a moment of hope not one of longing. This Lent I hope that you are able to use the “good ol days” as a reminder of what we are hoping for in our world today. Just as Christ led Peter, James, and John down the mountain to change the world, take time this Lent and allow Christ to walk you down from the mountain in order to bring hope into a world that greatly needs it.