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Campus Ministry is starting a new Weekly Reflection to help parents better connect with each week’s Gospel message. The Weekly Reflection will also include questions to encourage parents and teens to discuss the Gospel and apply it to everyday life.
Here is this week’s Campus Ministry Weekly Reflection:

Gospel: Jn 2: 13-25

I think that many of us can say that in light of recent national events that we feel “angry.”  Angry that innocent people were hurt or killed, angry that our lawmakers appear helpless and unable to make a positive change in our world, and angry that we simply do not know what to do.

St. John XXIII said that “It is utterly intolerable for Catholics to restrict themselves to the position of mere observers.”  Jesus provides us with a model to follow so that we can move from observer to a position of action.  His “righteous anger” and zeal in the temple show us how to act.  Christ took his anger, united it with the cross and transformed the temple.  Fr. Ron Rolheiser states it like this: “He took in hatred, held it inside himself, transformed it, and gave back love.”

Let yourselves and your student(s) experience this “righteous anger” because it will call us to action.  However, before we speak, before we act, or before we point fingers, give that anger to Christ and allow him to transform it into a life changing love.

Questions for discussion:

1) What things are really bothering you right you now?

2) What do you want to do about the things bothering you?

3) How can you affect change in the situation in a constructive manner?

4) If being Catholic means taking action when you see injustice, how can you do this in a loving and productive manner?