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Campus Ministry is starting a new Weekly Reflection to help parents better connect with each week’s Gospel message. The Weekly Reflection will also include questions to encourage parents and teens to discuss the Gospel and apply it to everyday life.
Here is this week’s Campus Ministry Weekly Reflection:

Gospel: Mark 1: 21-28

This Sunday’s Gospel should spark an accord with any parent of a restless high school student.  Jesus was teaching with “authority” and a man in the crowd was challenging him.  Sound familiar?  If so it should give you heart that you are in good company trying to teach and direct your children.   What we can learn from Christ is to continue directing our kids toward the good news Christ offers, to not give up hope, and to trust in Christ to be the authority in your life.

High school students are beginning to define who they are and what they believe, so if your child(ren) are challenging you then they are right where they need to be.  This also means that you, as the parents, have a responsibility as the primary formators of your children.  Christ did not back away from the challenge of the man and so you can not turn away from the challenge of your child(ren).  After all there is no more important of teacher in your child’s life then you.

Questions for Reflection with your Teen:

  1. What current challenges are you facing as a high school student?

  2. Think of the most effective teacher you have known, what made them effective?

  3. How can we allow Jesus’ teachings to be more authoritative in our life? Do I view them as effective?  Explain.