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Mrs. Schwarz is proud to nominate Senior Quentin Llamas as Crusader of the Week for her Speech Communications class. While there are many teens afraid of the challenges that comes with choosing to take a speech class, Quentin decided to face his fears. He expressed his need to better acclimate himself with public speaking since his job requires him to work with the public on a daily basis and there are times when he feels uncomfortable speaking in front of others. It is this type of self awareness and advocation that makes Quentin so unique. In a day and age where many teens like to avoid challenging situations, Quentin decided to face his fear head on each day and does so when he enters into the speech classroom.

In the course of a little less than 4 months, Quentin has shown great improvement speaking in front of his peers. He has demonstrated his growth through choosing creative topics to present as well as offering good constructive criticism for his classmates. Quentin has approached each speech with determination and the will to do his very best. With the encouragement of his Speech classmates, Quentin has gained the confidence one needs to mirror when speaking in front of his peers and in a public setting. Congratulations Quentin!