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Mrs. Schwarz nominates Senior Brett Bills as Crusader of the Week for her Wellness and Lifetime Fitness Class.  Webster’s Dictionary defines wellness as an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy lifestyle.  While there are many teens who are active, more times than not, most would choose to be on their phone or watching Netflix.  I currently have 12 students enrolled in my Wellness and Lifetime Fitness class and, although I feel as if I could nominate each student, Brett in particular stands out to me.  

In the course of a little less than a year, Brett has lost 63 lbs.  There was no miracle pill or special shake involved, it was through making healthy food choices and daily exercise.  Brett approaches each challenging workout with tenacity and determination.  With so many people making excuses as to why they can’t workout, Brett finds the time and continues to be an example to many young people making healthy choices.   Congratulations Brett!