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This article was written by Melissa Reinert for the Enquirer. To read the original story, please click here.


EDGEWOOD – St. Elizabeth’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit is filled with tiny Batmen, Supermen and Wonder Women.

These little heroes inspired St. Henry District High School students to do something special. Under the direction of art teacher Katie Baker, they handmade about 40 superhero capes for premature babies.

“One of my student’s parents who work in the NICU saw the idea online and thought about our art club kids,” Baker said. “I’m always trying to get our kids out in the community and helping others. When I mentioned this project, they were so excited.”

The capes, ranging in size, feature logos of famed heroes such as Captain America, The Green Lantern and Batgirl. Several butterfly wings were also made.

“This was an important experience,” Baker said. “The students learned that their artwork can be used for more than fulfilling an assignment, but rather given to those in need making one of the hardest moments in their lives a little easier.”

Junior Joey Boudot, 16, made several Captain America and Batman capes.

“I loved doing this,” he said. “Babies are adorable and I loved making the capes for them. Being in the NICU can be a stressful time, My sister was there. Not all the babies get to leave. It can be really sad. These capes, however, are something that the parents can keep forever as a reminder of a happy moment with their child.”