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At St. Henry District High School (SHDHS), we understand and appreciate the sacrifice that our families make in order to afford their students’ the many benefits of a Catholic education. We are humbled by these efforts and join you in working to extend our mission of “providing a well-rounded, college-preparatory education that teaches students to live the Catholic faith by embracing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ” to all students who want to attend SHDHS. Through the generosity and support of our many alumni, parents, friends, and community members, SHDHS is blessed to offer financial assistance to qualifying families through our Tuition Endowment and Financial Aid funds. Last school year alone, we disbursed more than $300,000 in tuition assistance to SHDHS families.

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, an independent, third party company, conducts financial analysis to determine each family’s financial need. Once the process is complete, SHDHS will receive a confidential report outlining the need and financial situation of each family that applied based on the information obtained in applications and supporting tax documents. Only those students who are registered to attend SHDHS will be considered eligible for financial assistance (i.e., student’s registration paperwork and fee must be submitted before financial assistance eligibility will be determined).

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Financial Assistance FAQs

Q: I probably don’t qualify for aid. Should I apply for aid anyway?
A: FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment does not set any income guidelines or have restrictions on who may apply for financial aid. If you feel your family should receive financial aid, it is to your benefit to apply.

Q: What documentation will I need to submit?
A: You will need to submit your federal income tax return, W-2 forms, and supporting documentation for non-taxable income.

Q: Does the FACTS Grant  & Aid process require a credit check?
A: No. FACTS does not require a credit check and applying for aid will not affect your credit rating.

Q: Is the FACTS Grant  & Aid process secure?
A: Yes. All documentation received is imaged upon receipt and then destroyed. Then, the application data becomes property of the applicable institution.

Q: How can I check my status?
A: You may login to your FACTS user account at to review the status of your application. Please allow 2 weeks processing time from the date you provided the supporting documents before inquiring further about receipt and/or status of the uploaded or faxed documents.

Q: I forgot my username/password. How do I logon?
A: To retrieve your username or password, visit this link. If you’ve forgotten your username, it will be sent to the email address associated with your account. If you’ve forgotten your password, a link will be emailed to the email address associated with your account that allows you to reset your password.

Q: How much does it cost to apply?
A: FACTS requires the payment of a $30 nonrefundable application fee before your application can be submitted.

Q: How do I submit supporting documents?
A: After completing the online application, you will need to upload or fax all required supporting documentation. Documents can be uploaded online by logging in to your account at or faxed to 866.315.9264. If faxing, we suggest you include a cover sheet with your application number.

Q: How do I find out if I’ve been awarded financial assistance?
A: All families who will be awarded financial assistance will receive a letter from SHDHS over the summer, prior to the deadline for submitting tuition payment agreement forms.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about our families financial assistance award?
A: If you have questions about the amount of assistance your family received, please contact Susy McAfoose, SHDHS Business Manager, at [email protected] or 859.525.0255..