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The Homecoming dance is Friday, October 6 from 8:00-11:30 p.m. at Receptions in Erlanger. Tickets are on sale THIS WEEK ONLY (September 25-29). Due to a strict deadline with the venue, tickets can only be purchased until Thursday. Homecoming t-shirts can be ordered with tickets.
Please make yourself, and have your student(s) make themselves, aware of all dance rules as well as the dress policy as there have been some changes. Remember, if your student(s) have a date from outside SHDHS your student(s) must have their date’s information and parent signatures(s) on their permission slip.
Any student receiving free or reduced lunch who would like to receive one (1) free ticket for the homecoming dance please turn your form marked F/R directly to Mrs. Feinauer. Include cash or check to purchase a ticket for a date. **THIS INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL!**