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St. Henry District High School Senior Counselor, Mrs. Susan Daugherty, was recognized for her hard work and dedication at the recent diocesan Senior Mass. At the end of mass, Mrs. Daugherty was one of four teachers presented with the Diocesan Excellence in Teaching Award by Thomas More College President David Armstrong.

Mrs. Daugherty has been the senior counselor at St. Henry District High School for the past fourteen years. Susan started her teaching career at St. Henry in 1974, left in the mid-70s, completed a career with Campbell County Schools and then returned to St. Henry in 2004. Susan Daugherty’s dedication to the students at St. Henry District High School goes far beyond that of your typical counselor, as she is far from typical. Susan meets with each student individually and gets to know him or her. Developed from this, she crafts a unique letter for each student, sometimes spending hours pondering just the right phrase to make the student shine.

Over the years, Susan has spent many nights and weekends dedicating time to her beloved students. From parent information nights to college essay days, Susan knows there is really never an “off” day from being an educator. When students are in need, academically, or emotionally, Susan is there to support them and their families.

Susan’s goal is to make sure each student has the opportunity to become the man or woman that he or she wants to become. She makes that possible with her unwavering support of the students at St. Henry.

Over the past fourteen years, seniors have been offered over $100,000,000 (one hundred million dollars) in scholarship opportunities!

Congratulation, Mrs. Daugherty.