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Marilyn Keller, a 2016 St. Henry graduate, will volunteer at the Sisters of Notre Dame (SND) mission in Uganda from August 2017 until May 2018. The SND mission in eastern Africa is home to nursery, primary, and secondary schools and almost 600 students. Keller’s volunteer duties will include assisting in the classroom and dormitories, tutoring students, and working on the mission’s subsistence farm.

Keller said, “I truly believe I am being called to serve God in mission work. I have investigated many missions trying to determine where to apply my skills and energy. When I discovered the Sisters of Notre Dame in Uganda, it seemed apparent that this could be a very holy way to fulfill my calling.”

Marilyn will begin her work at the mission on August 23.

The SND mission in Buseesa, Uganda was founded in 1995 at the request of a local bishop to provide education for young women. Since then, the mission has grown and the first classes of students have begun entering university and the workforce. Graduates are finding success as accountants, nurses, teachers, and government employees, and are giving back to the Buseesa community.