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Pablo Picasso once said “Every child is an artist.” With that in mind the SHDHS Art Department held the first SHDHS Visual Arts Competition this year.

The competition was open to all students, K-8, in the District feeder schools. All of the winners received recognition for their accomplishment, but special scholarships were awarded to the top three 8th grade finishers. Congratulations goes out to the following future Crusaders:

  • Noah Frahm- 1st (St. Paul) $500 scholarship
  • Ellie Erwin- 2nd (St. Paul) $250 scholarship
  • Antonio Sturpe- 3rd (Mary Queen of Heaven) $100 scholarship

All three were recognized and received their certificates at Priority Registration Night at SHDHS on January 11.

Below is a list of the other winners:


1st place: Harper Hicks
2nd place: Leo Dehner
3rd place: Claire Cammack

1st grade:

1st place: Molly Ryan
2nd place: Matthew Weisenberger
3rd place: Hadlee Howe

2nd grade

1st place: Payton Kidwell
2nd place: Caleb Blair
3rd place: Gisele Slayback

3rd grade

1st place: Andrew McNay
2nd place: Jonathon Arlinghaus
3rd place: Sophia Asher

4th grade

1st place: Hazel Hunt
2nd place: Shaniah Disney
3rd place: Alyson Bowen

5th grade

No submissions

6th grade

1st place: Samuel Scrogging

7th grade

1st place: Dylan Raleigh

Congratulations to all of the winners.

The department plans to make the competition an annual event.